Beretta 92FS Compensators for sale

M9 Beretta 92fs SGS Compensators for sale. Buy online.
SGS Style Compensator for M9 Beretta 92FS series for sale.

SGS style Beretta 92fs compensator for sale. Beretta 92 compensators machined from aerospace aluminum and supplied with your choice of durable anodized finishes, bead-blasted, or polished aluminum. These new Beretta 92fs compensators come
supplied with a drop-in extended steel guide rod and all necessary tools and instructions. Installation requires no threaded barrel or alterations to your pistol. These SGS style compensators are just like the ones used by the character Leon in The Professional. The original SGS style compensators made in italy have been unavailable for many years and nearly impossible to find. This is your
chance to own one of the coolest accessories available for the beretta 92 series or Taurus pistol. The Beretta 92fs SGS style profile compensator fits full size 9mm Beretta 92 pistols with standard dust covers and factory
barrels. It will also fit Taurus PT92 and PT99 pistols. These attractive compensators are of course
very functional as well, cutting muzzle climb and keeping your beretta on target.

Beretta compensators for sale
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