Beretta or Taurus PT92 Compensator

SGS style Beretta Compensator, HEC Beretta compensators for sale.

Beretta SGS Style Compensator for sale

For sale HEC Beretta Compensators for Beretta 92 series similar to the SGS style Beretta compensator used in The Professional by Leon on his compensated beretta 92fs pistols. The HEC Beretta compensator reduces recoil and cuts muzzle rise by venting gas upwards. Always wanted a beretta with compensator? Look no further. The beretta 92 is a great pistol with one drawback, it's high bore axis causes muzzle flip. HEC Beretta compensators solve that problem and keep your beretta on target.
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Looking for Beretta SGS Compensators? HEC "SGS style" compensators are available in a variety of raw or anodized finishes.

Beretta 92 "SGS" Profile Compensator

SGS Style Beretta Profile Compensator for 9mm Beretta 92FS series and clones
Beretta SGS Compensator Holster
Holster for berettas with SGS style compensator
Beretta 92 Guide Rods
Beretta 92 Recoil Spring Guide Rod
Beretta recoil buffer guide rod
Beretta 92 guide rod with recoil buffer
Silencio Hearing Protection
Silencio Orion Ultra-slimline Hearing Protection